Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Girl with the Big Bows on her Shoes and a Parasol!

Just a silly little post that puts together three of the estate sale finds that I have acquired recently.

Blank Postcard from around 1910 that shows a cute squinchy faced lady with a comical hat topped off by huge white roses, white long dress with puffed sleeves (thinking Anne of Avonlea with this one),shoes with huge bows on them, and a black parasol or umbrella. I wonder what the special occasion was?

I love finding antique shoes that fit me that I can actually wear. Vintage size 6 AAA generally translates to a current 5.5.  These were meant to be mine.  Not sure of a date but the label is "Snappy Steppers" and just guessing from the leather sole style I am guessing late 30s or early 40s for these, love the bow! They are actually really comfy!  I was at a Sisters on the Fly event with my mom near Mentone, AL and went down to the swap and sell show.  One awesome lady was selling these... women had been looking at them for an hour or two before I walked down there, and when I picked them up and tried them on for a test run, several ladies told me that since the shoes fit I must wear them so I bought them for a great price of $15. Aren't they cute?

My purchase from yesterday... probably from the 1950s.  Pagoda style Umbrella/Parasol with a Wood and Lucite Handle.  Great shape with some fading from being put away for so many years. I love the curvature!  I can picture a silly photoshoot with this one or somebody posing with it wearing their wedding dress.

I guess I am the girl with the shoes with big bows and the parsol now! Now... where is my big silly hat?

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  1. I don't know...that first pic scares me a bit. She has a Lizzie "Why am I holding an umbrella instead of an axe" Borden expression on her face :) ;) :0


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