Monday, December 12, 2011

Creating Antique Style Wedding Ephemera

I have finally collected as many wedding photographs as I could and I will be publishing many wedding related posts in the next few weeks.  This one is dedicated to all the paper ephemera I used.  I tried to use many antique wedding traditions and ideas in all the stationary items.  The only thing I had professionally printed were the actual invitations and we had silhouettes cut.  I made the programs on my own, my mother drew a wonderful antique style map to be included in the invites, I drew the guest sign-in tree, and my mother hand wrote the geneology chart onto a blank fan geneology poster. The silhouettes were copied and transferred onto the backs of the programs, onto wine bottle labels, and I had the originals framed and displayed on a table. Click on the pictures to see them enlarged.

I ordered and received a custom antique style thermography invitations from the White Aisle.  Rebecca worked diligently with me to get the right look and feel to it.  I just looked online to try to link back to her web page and discovered that Rebecca had been diagnosed and passed away from brain cancer in a very short period of time.  I am so devestated over this.  She was the owner of the most wonderful letterpress company. In her photos, she was absolutely gorgeous, the best way I can describe her is that she belongs in a Waterhouse painting. Here is her blog and some pictures of her. I cried as I read through her last several posts. The world has lost a very creative and a beautiful person inside and out.

We had our friend Tiffany ( take some side-view photos of us that we sent to Tim Arnold, The Silhouette Man ( They both did a wonderful job. 

Printed onto sticker paper on my computer and trimmed to size.

Not quite sure where we got it, but it is similar to this one with different shading. 

See previous blog post about this one.  Real 1880s wedding certificate that had never been filled out.  Photography done by Serendipity by Tiffany and Historic Walnut Ink Calligraphy done by Melinda Sapp (

My mother drew the map, and I formatted the crest. We printed them on ivory colored post card cardstock that tore apart.  On the backs we printed accurate google maps directions in a calligraphy font.

So many etsy stores now sell hand drawn trees for use as a creative guest sign in.  "Leaf your fingerprint and name"  These are sooo expensive that I decided to buy a sheet of large sketch paper and do it myself.  I started off in pencil, then traced in fine point sharpie.  The bottom I used a stencil for.  

I made the two of us into little birds.

We had 5 colors of green inks for people to choose from.  One of the five pads was different and the ink pad smudged the ink pen marks.  The four pack of green that we bought from Joanne's was the best and we highly recommend it.  This turned out great because you never know what people will actually do with art projects.  We have a cute family of Beaver's at the bottom, their last name is Beaver how could they not be beavers, some wanted to be fallen leaves, one didn't understand and just signed, some thumbs have no names, and we have some spare birds. Currently hanging in our hallway, love it! I think I still have 10 people to track down, I have a few spare branches to fill in.

Scissor Art has wonderful DIY free downloads

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