Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shopping at Aldi is my new thrill! 2 new locations in Huntsville AL

Yep, I'm about to do the most boring thing ever and post grocery receipts to my blog.  I could go on and on about how great each item has turned out but I thought this would be more effective in the current economic climate. This is the cheapest gourmet food I have ever come across and I love it! If you have an Aldi Discount food store near you and you have never been to one.... GO NOW!  You will save tons of money on quality foods, many of which are German or English in origin.  Love this place. Everything so far has been delicious.

Love the eco-friendly bits too, you put a quarter in to retrieve your shopping cart and get it back when you place it back in it's proper spot.  You bag your own groceries which promotes using less plastic bags and much faster check-out lines.  The line was 6 people long and I was worried it was going to turn into a Walmart hour long waiting situation, but the line was clear in less than 10 minutes.  Many of the items have barcodes printed on multiples sides of the items to they swipe much faster. The section of Christmas Candy is amazing too.  I finally get my Toffifee candy that you can't find anywhere else! Staff is super friendly and helpful.  

Best items so far are the fresh cheeses like brie and baby mozzarella, the frozen pizzas, and the frozen German Spinach and Zucchini Strudals.


  1. Where did that open? I was really disappointed by the one in Homewood when we first moved here. I was so excited because I used to shop at one in Austria, but there was nothing German in the entire store except maybe some chocolate that you could find anywhere. Glad yours is more impressive!

  2. Hi Anna - just found your blog, loving the recipes! At my place, I do all the cookin' and shoppin', so always glad to find good recipes. I'm also an unrepentant yard-saler (and former Huntsville boy - Roll Tide!), so I'm finding plenty o' good stuff to read - thanks!
    Also glad to see you share the Aldi love - they're one of my favorite obsessions. Every shopping trip's a new adventure...!

  3. Stephie: Huntsville has two Aldi's now. Both on 72. One in Madison in front of the TJ Maxx and one near Sparkman Drive. Unusual yours didn't have much German food. These had frozen German strudels (Spinach and Zucchini) and Frozen German Potato Cakes as well as dried Spaetzel and spiced red cabbage. I really wish ours had alcohol like other states though!

    Jeff: I'm so glad you found my blog! I got some great tips off of your Aldi blog!

  4. This store sounds awesome. I've never heard of it, but I'm sure I drove right past it when I was in Madison the other week. Sounds like it's similar to Trader Joe's? Definitely going to have to stop in.


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